13 July 2019

Returning to Travel Writing

When I originally got the idea for The Writing Expedition, I was sitting in a cafe in Rwanda and GMail was a new thing, Blogger too.  At that time, everyone was still on Live Journal or clinging to MySpace.  Blogger was like Medium is now—the new thing that everyone felt like they had to have in order to be relevant.

Over the years, I migrated The Writing Expedition to a short-lived UK platform, then to Tumblr, and then to Wordpress, which is where I'm content to keep it for the time being.  I'm pretty satisfied with WP, except for their invasive ad policy which I simply can't afford to get rid of at the moment.  The point is, I've been developing The Writing Expedition for a long time.  And what began as a travel blog about trying to live the writing life in various countries evolved into a hybrid of unpublished narrative non-fiction, a diary, and a showcase for things I put in magazines and journals.  All well and good, except for the fact that the "travel writing" signal gets lost in all that other noise.

I'm still on the move.  In the past 10 years, I've lived in 13 different countries for various periods of time, usually for work reasons but not always.  So I think it's time I set this blog up as a subsidiary site to my main Writing Expedition blog and dedicate it wholly to travel writing, to what I see, do, and think while I'm on the road.

I have another blog, Rough Translations, still on Tumblr, which, like this, is dedicated to a single thing.  That one presents my experiments in genre fiction and is a lot less serious than Writing Expedition.  It really is about experimentation.

In any case, this is the place I'll be putting my photos, essays, and occasional observations about the world when they don't fit in the other regions of my personal blogosphere.  Thanks for visiting.

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